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Alpine skiing / Touring skis

Ski School

XXXL Range of skis

If you are after expert advice in choosing a ski to buy from the wide range on offer, then you are at the right lace. INTERSPORT Maria Alm sells all the well-known makes of ski, from beginner through to race carver, in both ladies’ and men’s models.

Test and Buy

First test, then buy!

You want to test the equipment before buying?

At INTERSPORT Rent you can rent and test the newest models and innovations of the season. Afterwards you have the opportunity to purchase the material. Up to two days rental fee are deducted from the sales price.

Hence, you don't buy a pig in a poke, but know exactly what you'll get for your money. Ask our staff for the Test & Buy option!

Touring skis

Movement Test Centre

During the last few years, Movement has developed as the ski brand for ski touring. The brand with the apple can do it all: the newest technologies meet extra-light weight, sporty constructions, just like promising wide shovels, and reliable and durable constructions.

Let us advise you and test the different models for all sectors from racing to steep wall freeride skiing. And if you choose to get a different model, the rental fee will be refunded!

The right length of ski poles

Put your skis on. When you stand upright, your lower arm and elbow should form a right angle.
There is also a formula to work out the perfect length of ski pole: height x 0.7 = length of sticks


Go for the safe option!


A ski helmet is a must have piece of kit for wintersports. The best helmet brands, all available at Intersport Maria Alm, offer effective protection for your head that not only prevents serious injuries, but also in fashionable designs.

Avalanche transceiver

Never be without! Skiers and ski tourers in off piste terrain must have avalanche transceivers with them. They can save lives of other wintersports people! Come into the shop get some advice about them.

Back protector

When you need one, then you want to have a proper one. Back protectors protect the back from suffering serious injury.

Ski touring under the stars

Every Wednesday

  • Until 10pm Abergbahn bottom lift station > Piste Nr. 10/22, Tischlerhütte, Wastlalm and Abergalm open.
  • Until 8pm Karbachalm bottom lift station > Scheppal-, Zapferl- and Fellersbachalm open, possible to the 28.02.2015
  • Until 9pm Hochkeil ski area > Ski touring instructional trail, Arthurhaus

Every Thursday

  • Until 10pm Hochmaisbahn bottom lift station > Piste Nr. 29, Hochmaisalm, Gabühelalm and Steinbockalm open

Every Saturday

  • Until 10pm Schwarzeckalmbahn bottom lift station > Piste Nr. 19, Thoraualm open



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